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LDU stands for LDraw Unit - the basic unit of measurement in LDraw, the open standard for LEGO CAD programs, and map to the "Fine" grid setting in applications such as MLCad. Common measurements include: 1 brick width/depth = 20 LDU 1 brick height = 24 LDU 1 plate height = 8 LDU 1 stud diameter = 12 LDU 1 stud height = 4 LDU A ...


The models included in AIOI as mentionned by HaydenStudios is also available as separate download There is also a huge collection of LDraw models of official sets available on Eurobricks forum


This in not a LDView problem, but a conversion issue between LDD and LDraw. Only parts present in both libraries will be displayed. Moreover, the file (ldraw.xml) that defines the correspondance between parts of both systems must be up to date. Latest version of this mapping file is available here.


Both, often in the same file. If you take a look at the .ldr file format specification you can see that each file is made up of an number of different types of "line", one of which is a Subfile Reference where you can specify the colour, position, rotation and scale of the model. Other lines can then be added to describe Lines, Triangles, Quadrilaterals ...

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