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The models included in AIOI as mentionned by HaydenStudios is also available as separate download There is also a huge collection of LDraw models of official sets available on Eurobricks forum


This answer will by definition have a lot of links, but here we go. Since you're looking for instructions there are a few sites that you should consider visiting. The first is Cubiculus, which specializes in creating LDraw versions of custom and official instructions. The creator of the site adds plenty of his own (basic) instructions. The second is ...


You have no need to use these unofficial parts, all EV3 parts (except for the stickers) are now LDraw official parts, and should already be in your library if it is up to date (otherwise, download and install complete.zip from here). The problem you most probably have is that the file LDraw.xml that directs conversion between LDD and LDraw doesn't support ...


Another option is the LEGO Club Magazine - available online and through the post in some countries too - they have three editions: Green Brick - Junior builders, probably what you're looking for at this stage Yellow Brick - Mostly Friends/Elves focused, but with some City/other Red Brick - Mostly City/Chima/Bionicle, but with some others as well All of ...

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