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The most obvious answer is probably the LEGO Heroica range, especially when played in "Campaign" mode; for more details see our Heroica tag wiki. There are also a few examples of "Expert" rules that others have come up with, including our very own Joe Wreschnig's set on his dedicated site: Joe Wreschnig's LEGO Heroica Pages Advanced Heroica by ...


conditions for unfairness: different shaped tiles applied to each side resulting in different weight wich maked the dice "biased" example: the maximum difference in weight (when all studs get covered) is one side using a 2x2 tile and another side is using 4 1x1 tiles. the weight difference in this case is calculated based on using this measurements. to ...


Here is my attempt on a 6x6 plate. I built only one wall for the image clarity, but maybe you'd prefer one opposite wall as well. If you don't have the tile with the pillow, replace it with a 1 x 2 slope or something. Construction details if it's not clear enough:


I went with the following set up - note that as the microfig is two bricks high, that means it's actually three studs long: Castle Bedroom with bedside candle Castle Bedroom with bedside candle (LDraw)


Here is my first take on a graveyard. The graves aren't too great, as the fence is what I wanted to show all along. In case it's not obvious, it's attached to a Brick 1 x 1 with Stud on One Side and then it's jumper-plate-jumper-plate-tile. Unfortunately, that doesn't actually work1 (that's one of the drawbacks of LDraw modeling, it won't tell you) So if ...

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