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My wife and sister-in-law enjoyed our trip to LEGOLand with our sons, everyone enjoyed the models, however not everyone was as keen on the rides, you mileage without kids to share the rides with may be different. The question then comes down to whether you feel the model world is going to justify the entrance fee, personally I found the UK park to be (...


I've been to Legoland Windsor (in the UK) on one of the days they were cleaning some of the boats, and it looked hard - all manual work, with a large toothbrush and plenty of elbow grease


Another important point to note about all of the Parks shops: Whilst the on site are not actually LEGO Store shops - they are (albeit usually well stocked) franchise shops - as such they typically only carry general availability and "Hard to find" LEGO Sets and merchandise - LEGO Store and Shop@Home "Exclusive" items are not available through these stores. ...


Sorry to disappoint you sir. But first of all LEGOLAND in Denmark is about 3 hour drive from Copenhagen, I am from Denmark and I would say that the Danish LEGOLAND is not that great, they do not have any really special stuff that you cannot get anywhere else, in fact when I was in Florida LEGOLAND I found that they had a lot more unique stuff then the ...

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