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This answer will only work if there's enough of the notch in the size 2 axle available. Use a piece of strong string (like dental floss), and tie a small slipknot in one end. Using some other tool, such as a bent paperclip, push the lasso into the brick's hole down to the notch. Using that tool, keep pressure on the knot area while you pull the slipknot ...


Rapid remover works wonders. Also, hot water soak and then just peel it off.


I once got myself into a situation much like this. What I did was unfold a paperclip and insert the end of it into one of the four corners of open space of the hole that one of the axles was in. Then, I pulled the part of the paper clip out in such a way as to make the most friction between the paper clip and the axle, causing the axle to slide out a bit. I ...


Immerse the stuck assembly in soapy water, swoosh them around a bit, then try again. That should do the trick. It is okay to wiggle the piece a bit from side to side to try to loosen it up. Even ABS plastic LEGO pieces are somewhat flexible and they won't break if you flex them a bit. If nothing else works you may have to resort to plyers. Use the kind ...

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