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You clearly are thinking of Roaring Roadsters.


They're working on it! Should be ready in 15 years.


I found that looking to the website is a great help to figuring out how much stuff costs. I started with a quantity of 1 million, as Lego would make bricks in huge quantities. Small envelope of around an inch for the standard brick, .1 in thickness on the top is the most, looked up the volume ...


I was also wondering that and searching internet about it and I found a detailed research about the LEGO prices in It is seen that price per brick is variable but e.g. in 2011 it is said that it was like 12 cents. However, there is more detailed and interesting information at the link above.


Some resources for your project: A similar question here: Where are LEGO parts made? Some official history that also covers the expansion to new markets: Also check the list of countries where the official online store ships orders and search the internet for "official LEGO distributor in ...


There is no official production cost information that I'm aware of. There's cost related to research, set design, mold making, the actual plastic pellets, packaging, shipping, marketing. Then there's money coming in from video games, and they might actually lose money on the theme parks. Some of the inventory is sold at discounted prices, some might be ...

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