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Minifigs don't have the same proportions as average humans. They are comparable to a 600 pound male. Based on minifig height, the scale is about 1:45. Based on minifig width, the scale is about 1:32. If you're making a building, you probably want to follow a 1:45 scale. If you're making a vehicle, you probably want to go with a 1:32 scale. One rule of thumb ...


A quick and easy way to remove a helmet stuck onto the head...I tried something similar to the toilet tissue paper idea above. I used a piece of Bounty kitchen roll, approximately 3cm x 3cm, (which is actually thicker then a single ply toilet tissue) and placed this over the stub of the body then pushed the head onto this. The head will not go all the way ...


One way to do this would be to look through the Bricklink categories for minifig torso assemblies and minifig leg assemblies. There are a lot of them, but once you find the part you are looking for, you can then learn what set it came from which should lead you to a couple of complete minifigs (click the part id then click the "View" link under "This Part ...


I know this is going to sound weird, but wrap a piece of single-ply toilet paper over the neck of the body piece. Jam that in the head's hole and twist until the face starts to move. Then pull. The head should come out of the helmet no problem!

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