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You can try They sort minifig heads by theme. I hope this helps!


Judging by the layout, it would probably fit with normal Lego sets and bricks, because the same goes with mega block figures. Although they won't fit in closed spaces where there is only a 1 x 1 space, in general, if you have space, they will fit. Also, with those legs being just about the same as those of Lego minifigs, they would probably fit right in. ...


These look to be Mega Bloks Dragon figures. The Vorgan (orc) is from the Krystal Wars era, which introduced the Vorgans and had Vorgans with brown vests. I can't find the set that fellow is in right now, but I found a future set with a look-alike in a blue vest where is name was Gohrgroc. The shield isn't used by the the Vorgan (orc), but is used by the ...


You can find all the minifigs heads ever made, with the date of release, in the BrickLink catalog: Please note that I have already sorted the minifigs heads in the link above by year released, however on the first two pages of the results you will see heads where the year ...

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