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They are not designed to be removed and doing so can make it hard to replace. It is not a very good idea to remove Lego arms except on the minifigures listed above.


Depends on how deep the bite-marks are. For a thin mark, TheBrickBlogger's answer with the sandpaper of kitchen knife should do the trick. For something deeper, heat up a tool of some sort, something with a non-conductive handle, and melt it a little into itself.


There is a plastic casing on the back of the cover held together with a piece of tape. Cut/break the tape, and then use a fingernail or other thin option to pull apart the two plastic pieces from each other. This opens a small door of sorts, from which you can take out the figure.


You simply open the front cover and you can take out the minifigs from the back. It won't damage the book at all.

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