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It is mentioned in the previous answer that the feet are slightly oblong. I snapped a few photos to illustrate how this impacts the level of compatibility between the two figure types. A standard minifigure will easily be able to 'stand' within a 1 x 2 space. In most cases, this applies to a 'Friend' as well, unless the 1 x 2 space is recessed. The ...


It's from Fairground Mixer (10244). Also, the rest can be had way cheaper than Pyjamas Emmet polybag in the form of Sleepyhead from Collectible Minifig series 6.


They are knockoffs, I have ordered superhero minifigs, as well as bulk minifigs, from Ebay and they are definitely fake. That is not to say they were terrible quality(although some were) but you can tell by the way they fit together they knockoffs. The paint, ease of attachment, and sometimes the overall design is a dead giveaway.


It's one of the Indians from the Western theme, from 1997: http://brickset.com/minifigs/ww016/Indian-Tan-Shirt-Quiver

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