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It's the main module from Record and Play (set 4095): This part was only included in this set released in 2003. The part contains several motors and some electronics that allow you to record motor movements and then play them back. Pressing the red button would let you record movements for a maximun of 20 seconds by adjusting the motors and the green ...


The adapter itself is generally called a "Molex" adapter. The one you have pictured looks similar to their Mini-Latch style. I would recommend an adapter like this. The pin spacing should be the same even if it is not made specifically for that connector. The red wire connects to pin 1 and the black wire connects to pin 2. The yellow wire is for speed ...


The 12v train motor uses 2-pole 3-slot technology. Because of thinner, but longer wire which results in a greater resistance and will create higher voltage, but lower current the current output isn't enough to drive on-train lights. Since the resistance of on-train lights is constant this will drag down the generated voltage as well.


As you can see in the picture below the friction has to do with driving the worm wheels via regular gears while pushing the unit by hand and yes, I guess the gear teeth on the wheel axles could be damaged because of the gear ratio.

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