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By "smoother limit", if you mean "when it gets closer to the limit, it will softly land there by slowing down" then: I recommend using PID control where the response (how fast the motor is moving to the limit) is controlled proportional to the error (how far away from the limit you are). Wikipedia has a good intro to PID control: ...


Not right now. RobotC support is already there ( although it isn't free ).


Maybe you should look into using a multiplexer to add additional sensors to an NXT brick. The Hitechnic Sensor Multiplexer lets you connect 4 sensors using only 1 of the NXT connection. The same thing can be done with motors. For example using the Mindsensors NXTMMX, you can add 2 additional motors per multiplexer (even better, if you daisy-chain the ...

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