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Most probably the problem is that the array is declared, but not initialized. The program does not know how much memory to allocate for this specific array and so there is no allocated storage in RAM for this array. To solve this, try initializing your array. You can either provide the starting dimensions during declaration, like in the last example here: ...


The most basic solution would be to store the character read by fgetc, for example, instead of: if(!isspace(fgetc(handle))) you'd write: char val = fgetc(handle); if(!isspace(val)) This way if the isspacecall returns false you will still have the latest character in the val variable. I'd also suggest you look into the switch statement instead of using ...


The error was caused because the file rw.txt was not uploaded to the nxt performing: t2n -v -put rw.txt Solved the problem.

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