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The NXT actually uses IEEE 794 32-bit floating point number format in little endian byte order. I like using this site for conversions. So, to decode your messages: TX: 00 09 00 05 60 EA 00 00 00 Byte 0: 0x00 - response required Byte 1: 0x09 - write message command Byte 2: 0x00 - Mailbox 1 Byte 3: 0x05 - Message size of 5 bytes Bytes 4-7: 0x60 ...


No, there is no automated way to convert source files from other programming languages into un-compiled NXT-G code. The .rbt format is very complex, so writing a program to interpret programs written in other languages and generate a proper .rbt file with properly placed and configured blocks would be an incredibly time-consuming and tedious task that ...

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