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Raw sensor value works, but shows a level of dark, not of light :), meaning that higher values indicate lower light. Ambient light works directly, but for reflected light you need to insert a EV3 Color Sensor block with Reflected Light mode to turn on the light in the NXT Sensor. After that, use raw values or the Sound sensor block. The Sound sensor block ...


If I were you, I'd make it this way: The leader robot has a very bright light shining backwards, but not in a tight beam, rather a wide cone, so it can be seen from the back easily. The follower robot has the light sensor facing forward, with a cowl around and in front of the sensor in order to narrow its sensing angle. In other words, the sensor is ...


I managed to recover a 'clicking' NXT brick using a PC with windows XP and Lego Mindstorm NXT v2.0 just by clicking on Update NXT Firmware .

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