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There are a few options for the cause of the error. It could be at the microprocessor level, meaning that the execution of the program is wrong, or it could be at the motor driver port, meaning that the NXT tries to drive the motor attached to the specific port but can't due to some electrical failure. The first option can be eliminated by using other forms ...


If the ultrasonic cannot echo-locate the objects because they're too small, even with the sensor suspended very close to the floor, I suggest using a very sensitive feeler out front. It can be sticking forward like a jousting lance, and your robot can swivel back & forth while traveling to scan. The trick to making it very sensitive is to: (1) make it ...


The clicking mode means that you need to reload the firmware on the NXT (under the Tools menu in the NXT software). If you still get the overcurrent shutdown using different cables and different computers, then the conclusion has to be that there is something wrong with the NXT itself. The USB port should be drawing little to no current at all since the NXT ...


As you suspected, you cannot use the Ultrasonic sensor without an "Intelligent Brick" (EV3 or NXT). MINDSTROMS would be a great way to automate your train if you are willing to make the investment. For more ideas on how to use LEGO MINDSTORMS with LEGO trains, check out Sioux.NET.


I had a similar problem with the RCX about a month ago. Check the wires for shorts or fraying, and if you can open the case and look for shorts in there. I fixed my fraying wire with electrical tape.


I agree with HaydenStudios, it is impossible to disassemble completely NXT motor without breaking the orange axle hub. You can nonetheless half-open it enough to see what's happening inside (you need a Torx screwdriver - T10 size if I remember well - to open it. See photos here http://philohome.com/nxtmotor/nxtmotor.htm. Anyway, first try to see what LEGO ...

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