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There are many possible ways of doing this. I am a contributor to the ev3dev project, so I am a bit biased in that direction. To do this with ev3dev, I would install the nxt-python package on the EV3 and use it to remote control the NXT. If you want to stick with the standard firmware, another possibility would be to relay bluetooth mailbox messages ...


Without batteries installed, the NXT brick weighs 159.3 grams, so that's about 0.351 pounds. Do take into account the added weight of what ever batteries you have installed, though, as that will almost double the weight, and not all types of AA batteries weigh the same. If you're using a rechargeable battery, then for reference, the original NXT ...


I think I'd use the ultrasound sensor instead of the touch sensor (or the brightness sensor with the light turned on in a dark tunnel). I haven't tried this but I'd worry about the touch sensor derailing or scratching the train. Otherwse, your system sounds pretty doable. The collision risk could be addressed by setting up the sensor a little further before ...


You can use the Bluetooth mailbox feature to pass messages back and forth between 2 NXTs. If you want to use sensors, you could use the HiTechnic NXT IRLink Sensor (NIL1046) and NXT IRReceiver Sensor (NIR1032).


To get the actual time of day, you can use the mindsensors.com Realtime Clock Sensor.


Time is thought of as a sensor value, measured in seconds. The Timer sensor can be used directly, as part of a Wait For block, as part of a Loop block.


The kids on the FLL team I coach created a video that explains how to use the NXT light sensors on an EV3. Hope it helps. http://youtu.be/I7Bqvk-uMLk?list=UU2r9xq9o39SbEX1cESNdIHA


NXT Color Sensors are supported directly by EV3-G, the EV3 software running on the PC or MAC. NXT Light Sensors are not. To use Light sensors requires a bit of trickery. EV3-G has a Raw Sensor block that provides access to the Light sensor values. The raw sensor returns values from 0-1023, which is very different than the 0-100 of the NXT-G Light Sensor ...

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