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At my house there are two (well, three) Lego collections. Mine, and my kids'. The rules are stricter for mine: the Lego isn't meant to be thrown around, dropped pieces should be picked up, it isn't to be left on the floor, it doesn't get brought all over the house, and it gets put away every time. The kids' collections they keep in plastic boxes and they ...


I designed and built a lego sorting and storage desk for my son late last year. It has 16 bins and 16 corresponding holes in the top. It also has an interior baffle system to keep lego pieces from jumping into incorrect bin. I had to go through several designs to get it to work right, be ergonomic (all drop slots within reach while seated), and make it easy ...


Here's what I did after finding a couple of old LEGO boxes stashed away in my parents' house. Create a user and log into Under 'My Parts', create a new part list, and start adding your parts using their catalog. They have a very good search engine and you can quickly find most, if not all, of the exact parts. Once done, go to the 'Build' ...


Well if you need to organize your collection in a neat way that is easy to get to, I would use tackle boxes that you would normally use for fishing, because they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and it can be easy to organize your collection in a neat way.


Sorting LEGO bricks is more complex than you might think. Frequency of use, shape of the brick, and communication with others are essential features of a good classification. Have a look at this book, it covers the sorting of LEGO bricks extensively: The Ideal Order


I almost left a comment like "why hasn't someone written an app for that?" But then I googled and found there is an app for that (Android, iOS) and the folks who put it together have books and they developed a decent taxonomy for sifting minifigs. The app, lets you search by part and then find the minifigs that include that part. If you're not happy ...

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