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That number is not a real number, it is a production code (in your case, 27S5) consisting of 2 digits indicating the week of the year the set was made (in this case, the 27th week), a letter indicating the region the box was made in/for (R = US/Canada, S = Europe, I believe) and the last digit is the last digit of the year the set was made in. So you have a ...


There is a age limit because some sets are more advanced than others, and they contain some pieces(choking hazard).


I am using LEGO Mindstorms with university students and adults. Cynics call our robots 'toys' but the computational thinking that goes into my students' solutions is quite complex. And I have challenged cynical programmers to a LEGO robot duel with my students. They declined! Mindstorms should be no age range.


No, the bags are actually not recyclable, and the bags aren't filled entirely because TLG wants the bags to be more flexible and loose,so they fit easily in the bags!

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