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Besides the previous answer, I would also add that Bricks-and-Pieces was intended to be a replacement service for missing parts, broken parts, etc. from a set you have bought. While Pick-A-Brick is for buying generic loose pieces. Thus the interface and they way to identify the parts you want, as well as the selection, is very different. At ...


The Pick-a-Brick selection has the more common pieces that aren't specific to sets whereas on Bricks and Pieces you can get set specific pieces that are more uncommon such as minifigure parts from a (non-licensed) theme. Since the Bricks and Pieces parts are more specialized they are usually more expensive than Pick-a-Brick, so don't get basic bricks from ...


Please see my response to this post. Using the Wanted List feature you can upload your own list of bricks and then see which vendors have these items - you would still need to fill a shopping cart at each vendor to see their price, but that is not so difficult by using the "add Minimum quantity" link at the top of the individual shop page.


Adding a few extra observations: Purchases from "Pick a brick" are eligible for VIP points, whereas purchases from "Bricks and pieces" are not. So I assume that you can use VIP points to pay for "Pick a brick" purchases. Shipping fees are significantly higher for "Pick a brick" than "Bricks and pieces". You need to make large purchases from the "Pick a ...

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