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Please see my response to this post. Using the Wanted List feature you can upload your own list of bricks and then see which vendors have these items - you would still need to fill a shopping cart at each vendor to see their price, but that is not so difficult by using the "add Minimum quantity" link at the top of the individual shop page.


I would recommend you look at one of the online third-party LEGO marketplaces. There are two main ones: BrickLink and BrickOwl. Both marketplaces offer individual pieces (both new and used) as well as sets. Added bonus, the sellers on these marketplaces have many more parts in stock than LEGO Pick-A-Brick, including no longer produced bricks. Especially ...


Doing this for Pick-a-brick (which sports an antiquated UI) requires some fairly advanced hacking. See this question. It's unfortunate that there is no simple interface for importing composite sets of bricks.

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