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The Pick-a-Brick cups are made from polypropylene, as evidenced by the #5 resin identification code on the bottom. Polypropylene is widely considered a safe plastic for storing food and drink, and it is stable at very high temperatures (i.e., temperatures higher than your dishwasher). I would feel comfortable drinking out of one of the cups.


The most common way to buy bricks from LEGO stores is by filling up a PaB cup: There are two sizes of cups and occasionally other containers that can be filled during certain promotions. The large cup is $14.99 USD and the small cup is $7.99 USD currently. This isn't advertized, but you can also buy bricks in the boxes that they are shipped to the store ...


I wrote a website where users can update the contents of the Pick A Brick wall for various Lego stores. The site is http://www.thelegowall.com/ I used my iPhone to inventory the wall at the Lego store in Orlando, FL. If you inventory your local store please send me some feedback on how the process works. I tried to make the GUI easy to use from a cell ...

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