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These pieces are not included in the set. Motorizing this set requires the addition of a Power Functions motor as shown here: You'll need the Power Functions Motor Set (8293) if you'd like to motorize your truck. This can be ordered from shop.lego.com or other online retailers. It's usually hard to find in stores, but if you have a LEGO store nearby, they ...


I can't find any evidence that a 2x2x4 piece has ever existed. Bricklink identifies a 2x2x3 brick, and there are many sellers around the world that will happily sell you 16 dark stone grey pieces for pennies/piece.


In the case of this item, it means that the gear will slide freely along the axle it rotates around.


As you have probably guessed by now, there is no easy solution to your question. It all comes down to computer vision. In this solution, Akiyuki built a massive machine out of LEGO bricks, a camera, a scale, 2 Mindstorm NXT and, which he fails to mention in is parts list, a computer and some electronics. Computer vision is complex, and making a working ...


Almost any set I can think of will have many many non-plate parts, even if it also has lots of plates in it. Plus you run into the problem of determining what constitutes a "plate". Does this count? or this? or this? If I were you I'd just go down the list of sets you can purchase on shop.lego.com, visually inspect the set to see if it looks like it has lots ...


As odd Todd mentioned LEGO never made 2x2x4 pieces. The largest brick of similar size is 2x2x3 and 2x4x3. For larger smooth surfaces LEGO usually uses panels. You can find all the panels LEGO ever made here: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catType=P&catString=91


Another option you might want to consider is looking at 1x2x2 DUPLO pieces. They correspond to 4x2x4 lego pieces (slightly bigger than you are asking for, but not knowing the details of your build you might be able to incorporate these) and they interconnect (a 2x2 lego piece fits on a single DUPLO stud.) If you mount them sideways you get a 2x4 surface (but ...

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