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Parts with and without bottom tubes are nearly always interchangeable in normal building scenarios. However, there is definitely a functional difference. Not having bottom tubes generally does the following: Reduces clutch power. There's one less surface for the stud to produce friction against. Allows for lots of different connection points along the ...


jncraton and CreationEdge have both explained what the tubes are for and mentioned two advantages to not having them: nicer-looking clear parts, and connections that aren't aligned with the system stud grid. The main advantage to having them is the clutch power it adds: in a 2x2 brick such as the slope with no tube, each stud touches two walls, but with a ...


Are both of these always interchangeable? Yes and no. They are 100% compatible with the standard LEGO building system, but you may be able to use the bottom-tubeless elements in arrangements that wouldn't work with a standard brick, and vice-versa. If not, what are the cases where you would absolutely need no bottom tubes? Bottom tubes were introduced ...


They have different printings, although the website posts the same images.

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