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Set 4635 - Fun with Vehicles. Specifically the tow truck pictured top center.


Manufacturing the studded beams is significantly more complex and hence more expensive. They have more plastic in them (they weigh more) which also pushes up the cost. But the mould complexity is the real killer. If you look carefully there's a void over the top of the holes in the beam. That means moulds with moving parts, and the more parts the more it ...


98% precent of all the broken LEGO pieces I own are colored in reddish brown. I've broken a lot of them too. Just broke one right now, in fact. They probably use a weaker type plastic on them. I seem to be the only one who's ever noticed this.


They are made of SBS rubber. According to user "B. Lister" on, these bands are silicon rubber, used in medical and dental work for long lasting connections and tension. Source However, a LEGO representative at a toy safety site indicated otherwise: The colors and materials in ABS plastic do not rub off or leach and, in fact, meet the ...


I cannot be certain about this, but I think it could be one of these two material options, (1) Urethane: i.e. it's not rubber at all, and it is moulded, and not extruded. That's probably also why they have colour options. (2) Butyl rubber: this is the rubber used in tyre tubes. I've used cut sections from inner bicycle tubes, and they stretch and seem to ...

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