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I have never encountered this piece before, but what I do when I find pieces that I cannot identify, I first look at the studs. Obviously yours does not have any studs, so what I would do is either check inside the element, or look it up online. If more than one source says it is, then case closed. If you cannot identify it even after searching, you should ...


This would be a Crane Bucket - Complete Assembly (Top, Jaws, Spring). It could have come from any of 29 sets from 1974 to 2012.


Joost answered eloquently, but I'd like to add that while 44302 and 44301 were made to replace the finger hinge they wont work in all situations. The geometry of 4275 and 4276 allowed useful techniques - you could use it to reverse studs by 180 degrees in a small amount of space, 90 degrees, and more. The new pieces can't do the same, which is a shame. ...

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