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When your function (such as an extending crane boom) gets to one limit or the other, this clutch gear ratchets instead of binding up the motor and all the gears in between. ETA: Forgot the second question. It has appeared in many sets, most recently the Fairground Mixer.


Using a cut-pipe into a clip-with-tube will let you build a secure and precise angle. If you have a solid brick behind the headlight bricks you can fix the angle by cutting the pipe at the right length.


Build a catapult with it. The catapult arm would be attached to the motor. Pulling the arm down will wind the motor


A conditional can perhaps be represented by a door that can be blocked from the other side, or maybe two doors, of which only one is blocked via a sliding brick. As for loops, I would represent them as conditionals with counters, by blocking a door with a set number of bricks and removing one brick per iteration. If you'd rather count upwards, then a fixed ...

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