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Since you do not give a desired size of the palm, I'd like to propose the following solution, consisting of 1x 6222 - Brick, Round 4 x 4 with 4 Side Pin Holes and Center Axle Hole and 4x 6628 - Technic, Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Towball, arranged like so: You might need to work on the size of the fingers to make this work with "grip" - but ...


The part you are looking for is 4532a - Container, Cupboard 2 x 3 x 2 - Solid Studs. There is also a 4532 version with hollow studs.


An alternate method of affixing small parts to the bottom of bricks and plates: Check out sticky-tack! It has a ridiculous amount of brand names, but it's basically a safely removable, free-form version of duct-tape. It will stick to anything, and increases its own surface area by spreading all throughout something like, say, the little pins and circles ...


Take a look at 11203 - Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Inverted. Works like your 2x2 round plate but is flat at the bottom.

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