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Lego baseplates are made from ABS plastic, like most of the opaque rigid plastic Lego elements since 1970. ABS is a thermoplastic consisting of a styrene monomer with the addition of an acrylonitrile momomer and a butadiene monomer. There is no PVC or vinyl present. I suggest reviewing this thread for more on laser-cutting ABS. It is not a trivial matter to ...


LEGO switched from cellulose acetate (CA) plastic to ABS plastic in 1963. They continued to distribute CA pieces in sets until their existing supply was exhausted, so during the transition beginning in 1963 both types of pieces were sold in sets. In North America, LEGO pieces were manufactured beginning in 1961 under license by Samsonite, which continued to ...


They are made from ABS injected into a mold. I actually got to see Legos made at legoland, a truly amazing experience!

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