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In the UK shop, there are currently two sets: The Unimog U 400 [set:8110] which uses the motorised "compressor" to supply the power (as opposed to the manual sprung pump). And the Tractor with Log Loader [set:8049] which uses the manual pump: The other sets that look like they have piston arms (such as [set:8043]) are actually using "linear ...


The set that had the most pneumatic cylinders was the Lego Technic Backhoe, with something around 10. Unfortunately, this set is discontinued. You can, however, buy it on Bricklink. It is, by far, the coolest pneumatic Lego set ever released.


From the post about Vertigo (the precursor to Rory's answer), TrilogyGlenIvy (the creator) stated: Suction cup hangers were easily located in stores. Drilling a small hole and inserting a short section of copper tubing (1/8 “ or ~3 mm diameter) along with some vinyl glue produced the feet that I used. Basically they are usually found in DIY/Home stores ...


The parts become leaky due to the seals inside the pistons deteriorating. Typically, the seal is made with an "o-ring" - a circular rubber band (cross section as well as the shape) - if this is the case in the LEGO pistons, and then it's possible the o-rings are made with similar rubber to the LEGO rubber bands, and then they will deteriorate over time in ...


Apprently, it is possible to generate up to 37psi with LEGO pneumatics parts only. LEGO penumatics can withstand more, however. Engines similar to the one you want to build can work with a recommended pressure intake of 90psi; a maximal (but not recommended) of 120psi is mentionned. So I think it all boils down to the pressure your N2 or CO2 tanks can ...


In this discussion at LUGNET the conclusion seems to be that you could use dry graphite if you are comfortable with graphite powder everywhere. Else you should try lithium grease or canola oil. There is also a serious warning about using hydrocarbon oils that could damage the rubber seals inside pistons and the rubber air tubes. One poster also noted that ...


Definitely Vertigo III - superb build project

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