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Since the compressor produces compressed air, it would certainly work, given you build adequate fittings and take precautions against overpressurization. LEGO pneumatics have been tested to withstand as much as 8 bars or 120 psi, but you definitely should plan with safety margins. If your compressor can produce higher pressures, I'd suggest building in some ...


I was going to recommend lubricating the pistons, but seeing you already did exactly that, I can only say you should try to isolate the source(s) of the problem. Since you have at least one working cylinder, the compressor and the feed tubes should be all right. This leaves the following possible points of failure: switches, subsystem hoses, working ...


Screwjacks! Key components would be Technic, Gear Rack 1 x 4 and Technic, Gear Worm Screw Application of said parts are left as an exercise for the reader, though since OP says they're not using Technic, this might be a moot answer.

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