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This is more of a LabView answer than a Mindstorms answer, but you should be able to create a SubVI that represents a task, and then you can place that in the main VI. This help document might be useful: http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/372962A-01/lvnxt/creatingusingsubvi/


Sadly, there isn't much info yet. Current options for audio are: USB Sound Card BlueZ 4/Pulseaudio 4 (BlueZ 5/Pulseaudio 5 supports A2DP only) The number of devices that have been tested and documented is extremely limited, but at least one has been confirmed to work. The non-bluetooth solutions that have been tested successfully are the following. ...


I've found answer here: http://topikachu.github.io/python-ev3/bytecodeexamples.html. It can be done using direct command: Instruction opInput_Device (CMD, ...) Opcode 0x99 Arguments (Data8) CMD => Specific command parameter documented below CMD:READY_SI = 0x1D Arguments ...


The TACHO parameter is 4 bytes (32 bits). (Data32) *TACHO – Current output tacho count However, you have only allocated it 2 bytes (16 bits) GV2(1) // tacho in return Try using GV4 instead of GV2.

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