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To understand how to use the data, it help to understand how the color sensor works. Let's take a step back for a minute and have a look. The sensitive electrical component here is just a photodiode or phototransistor that lets us measure light intensity. If we turn all of the LEDs off we are just measuring ambient light. If we turn on just one of the LEDs ...


I am currently maintaining my own fork of NQC for use on OpenBSD and OS X. As you have discovered, the recent compiler changes on OS X broke NQC in many places. Not to mention that the USB tower integration was pretty outdated. If you can compile it, it should work better than the ports version. AFAIK, I am now the de facto maintainer for NQC. (And may ...


I think I'd use the ultrasound sensor instead of the touch sensor (or the brightness sensor with the light turned on in a dark tunnel). I haven't tried this but I'd worry about the touch sensor derailing or scratching the train. Otherwse, your system sounds pretty doable. The collision risk could be addressed by setting up the sensor a little further before ...


You can use the Bluetooth mailbox feature to pass messages back and forth between 2 NXTs. If you want to use sensors, you could use the HiTechnic NXT IRLink Sensor (NIL1046) and NXT IRReceiver Sensor (NIR1032).


To get the actual time of day, you can use the mindsensors.com Realtime Clock Sensor.


Time is thought of as a sensor value, measured in seconds. The Timer sensor can be used directly, as part of a Wait For block, as part of a Loop block.

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