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It basically forces the coupling magnets to separate via the pins pointing downwards from the magnet holders: Here's a demo.


It sounds like you are asking how to motorize your own custom LEGO creations using motors that you may already have around the house rather than purchasing official motors. Before I answer this, I just want to make sure that you are aware that you can purchase the PF motors individually on LEGO.com for fairly cheap. You don't have to buy large, expensive ...


A few years back I ripped motors, controlcard and batterypack out of a broken car. I then fitted some legopieces to it and got a superfun setup to use with my old technic lego. I mounted a piece of a normal (old black) axle on the motor shaft. But just as @jncraton describes it This can be a little tricky to get right. If you are just drilling freehand as ...


Each remote has 2 separate controls (one for "red" and one for "blue"), and 1 channel setting (choice of channel 1,2,3 or 4). Each train has an IR receiver which has 1 channel setting (again choice of channel 1,2,3 or 4) and two connections, one coded "red" and one coded "blue". From what you describe, you have two trains set both to the same channel (I'm ...


Without 3rd party hardware or software, the only way to do this is to use Bluetooth messages. For example, you could write motor power to a Bluetooth mailbox on one NXT. The other NXT just has a simple program with a loop that reads the Bluetooth mailbox and connects it to a motor block.

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