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It's difficult to tell exactly what part this fragment came from, but it looks like it is part of a broken Technic gear or pulley. It looks like it probably came from 3736: Your fragment looks like it was probably once one half of the center axle hole of that part. In terms of repair, I suppose you could try to glue this back together, but given that it ...


Lego is very good about replacing broken parts - for free even. Visit the web-site and look on the bottom of the page under Customer Service for a "broken or missing parts" link (I can't check at current locale).


Brasso (yes, the metal polish) works better than toothpaste in this case. It is a bit more grainy so works faster but doesn't damage the parts. It does take some work though that may or may not make sense depending on the rarity of the elements. And yes, with either toothpaste or Brasso, you actually have to vigorously rub the surface to buff it up. It ...


I agree with HaydenStudios, it is impossible to disassemble completely NXT motor without breaking the orange axle hub. You can nonetheless half-open it enough to see what's happening inside (you need a Torx screwdriver - T10 size if I remember well - to open it. See photos here http://philohome.com/nxtmotor/nxtmotor.htm. Anyway, first try to see what LEGO ...


This means your NXT is spoiled and needs reseting. This is usally caused by unplugging before the program downloaded. To reset 1) Completely disconnect your NXT from the computer (no USB connection). 2) Remove all external BlueTooth dongles from your computer, and turn BlueTooth off on the computer (just to be sure). 3) Reboot the computer (this is to ...


I used option 2 and I couldn't fit the needle. So if you can't get a bottle of gorilla glue and stick the tooth pick. First take out the legs and the where the crack is. Then you stick the toothpick into the gorilla glue and apply on the inside crack and outside crack. Make sure you get the cracks bottom where it transitions from inside to outside


You can replace the arm with a new one by carefully removing the old arm and snapping in a newer one. Please note that this should not be done too often, as the procedure will damage the connection and could even crack the torso. LEGO never attempted the arms to be replaceable. It is not like snapping and unstapping bricks, however it can be done a couple ...

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