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It sounds like the firmware needs a factory reset. Try this: Remove the battery for 10 seconds and then put it back Hold the Center and Right buttons until "Updating..." pops up on the display Connect the EV3 brick to your PC using USB Update the firmware using "Tools" -> "Firmware Update" in the EV3 software


Try flashing the firmware. To get into firmware update mode, hold down the right button when turning the EV3 on. (You can also reset the EV3 without removing the battery by holding down the back and enter buttons for a few seconds.) You can find much more detailed information on here.


Depends on how deep the bite-marks are. For a thin mark, TheBrickBlogger's answer with the sandpaper of kitchen knife should do the trick. For something deeper, heat up a tool of some sort, something with a non-conductive handle, and melt it a little into itself.

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