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The first that came to my mind (for the MER-wheels) is the Wheel 70 x 28 mm Futuristic, with Black Tire:


Here's what found after playing with all kinds of combinations. With this the three rovers will be at the same scale (about 1:5.8). This scale is small enough that the big rover (MSL) would not be a monster to build. The ratio is almost spot on and the only main problem is that the MSL wheels (the big ones) will have those big cleats. On the positive ...


You might also be able to make wheels out of parts, such as a circle of hinges with brackets and cheese slopes. I'm sure there are better ways, but that was the first that came to mind.


It's usually 1:40, based on the minifig size. However, keep in mind that a minifig doesn't have the same proportions as a full-size human being, so scaling from real-world to minifig-world is not an exact science. Just have a look at LEGO cars, you'll see that they don't really match real cars.


It would probably be easiest to work out the which piece should be used for the biggest wheel. The largest wheel I could find came in the 8420 Technic model. Two of which can be used in tandem to increase the surface area of the wheel: Wheel Technic Street Bike (8420) The medium wheel could be a rather blocky Wheel 20 x 30 Technic, the 68.8 x 24 or the ...


I think what is interesting is that buildings are usually scaled to things other than minifigures. For instance, a aircraft carrier would be built to airplane's scale, not the actual minifigures. Most buildings are scaled to the size of the LEGO doors & windows.


Minifigures are not to scale. Lego has a greater emphasis on play then realism, so every thing is scaled to suit the minifigures.


Minifigs don't have the same proportions as average humans. They are comparable to a 600 pound male. Based on minifig height, the scale is about 1:45. Based on minifig width, the scale is about 1:32. If you're making a building, you probably want to follow a 1:45 scale. If you're making a vehicle, you probably want to go with a 1:32 scale. One rule of thumb ...

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