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Usually, the LEGO group doesn't seem to have much organisation; at least in the past. That's why you can find sets with two different numbers, or two different sets with the same number. Now the keyword here is "seem", as I suppose there was some logic to it even in the past. But nowadays there is some logic, and even if not all of it is understandable, ...


I recall someone asking this to a Danish employee at a public event in the US around 2003. In a very humble voice the LEGO employee simply said "We forgot." LEGO employees were admitting before that to using brickshelf for old instructions because they didn't have digital company archives yet. It's possible they knew about the numbers and saw no problem ...


After zooming the image and identifying the windscreen, I searched the Bricklink catalog and found this in the list of sets using that windscreen in trans-black: 4402, Creator set, 2003. More details and instructions here:


The sixth LEGO CUUSOO set is the upcoming Exo Suit. See announcement here:


In some cases, there were different numbers for the USA and the rest of the world, but I don't know if that's the case with Ricky Racoon. LEGO also extended from a 3-digit numbering to a 4-digit numbering around that time, so maybe some sets were renumbered. At the time, LEGO didn't seem to care that much about set numbers (and as you've noted, reused some)....


Looks like LEGO switched up the numbering of the CUUSOO/Lego Idea sets. The Ghostbusters set is officially #006 as can be see on the site and now that review units of the Exo-Suit have been released to several Lego related blog sites, it has the number #007 on it. Official LEGO Shop listing of Ghostbusters set Click on the box image Review of Exo ...


The letters typically represent the initials of the set designer. See more discussion on this topic in this EuroBricks forum thread. For example, the initials "MB" stand for Marcos Bessa, where "MS" is for Mark Stafford. Some other sets also carry set designer initials, sometimes subtly incorporated in the build (I believe Jamie Berard, the famous Modular ...


This is from set 60007: High Speed Chase based on Chains M Plate M 5 ظ3, 2 Hole. There are only two sets with this part in Medium Stone Grey. The other set is the Star Wars UCS B-wing

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