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This bag is from 3315 - Olivia's House. The instructions for this set can be found here on the LEGO Customer Service Site.

2 maintains an archive of all catalogues they can find. Unfortunately it only goes up to 1999 at this time.


I've bought some sci-fi military-themed sets from Gudi, and this is my opinion: Plastic quality is almost on par with Lego, albeit a bit harder. Minifig are slightly less good. They seemed to have a quite good model designer in 2014-15: there are some sci-fi and military kits that actually look good. However, 2016 models marked a step backward, IMHO. I ...


From left to right in your first photo: Police Station (6384): Fire Copter 1: Motorcycle Shop (6373): Fire Patrol Copter (6657): Fire Station (6382): Your second photo includes: Gas Station (6375): Delivery Center (6377): Paramedic Unit (6364): I may have missed some smaller sets, but based on your two pictures, that's what stuck ...

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