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Once sets get retired they are gone for good. However you should still be able to find the sets you are looking for on the secondary market (eBay, BrickLink, CraigsList, local second-hand stores, garage sales) - for inflated prices.


Based on the occurrence of the 2x2x3 brick in white and the 16 trans-blue garage door panels, I think this is a bag from set 7744: Police Headquarters. From the picture it looks like your bag builds the bottom right part of the station - the 2 car garages and the platform under the stairs.


Sorting random kits out of a bulk lot and building them can be fun, but it's often quite tricky to determine what you actually have. Also, unless you did quite a bit of sorting up front, you might find that it gets harder and harder to pick out a full kit as time goes on. You could let the kids figure it out, but probably not until they're older, and can ...


If you'd like to test and improve their creativity, give them a scoop of random bits and tell them you have lost the instruction for this "set", but you are sure they can figure it out :) Or consider making an advent calendar, like the official ones, but with more diverse "sets" and more pieces and minfigs per day. Treasure hunts can be quite fun, but you ...


There are now loads of sets which could be considered to be the most valuable. Here is a list of my choices 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon 10182 Cafe Corner Mr Gold 10196 Grand Carousel 10184 Town Plan Chrome Gold C3PO (only 100 made) 10189 Taj Mahal 5004590 Bat-Pod (only 1000 worldwide and will surely increase in value tremendously) This list is only my ...

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