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I do believe the LEGO Group has limited the instructions to only one build, not including the sets that are meant to re-build differently (in this case there are 3 instruction sheets). If instead of actually rebuilding the set you mean alternate views (like the back of a model, or the unfolded model, etc.) this still applies to most sets that have an ...


It looks like a pretty generic twin engin-ed WWII bomber. Maybe like this Mosquito bomber?


If you really want to know, I would suggest identifying the most unusual part in a bag, then using that part, search for what sets it has appeared in recently. Each piece usually has a small number printed on it. Use this part number on bricklink, or peeron to search for the part, and then click the link that shows you what sets it has appeared in. ...


gev has the exact name of the piece, but I'd like to add one more point that could be helpful. When trying to identify pieces as Lego or non-Lego, pay attention to the more obscure standard connections. The small ball above the hinge is a standard small ball joint connection, recently revitalized by the Mixels series (among other things). It connects to the ...


While there is no explicit "house" tag, I would recommend browsing in Brickset's City theme: http://brickset.com/sets/theme-City You can refine the search based on year (include only recent, therefore easy to buy sets), tags (building, shop, ...) and subtheme (airport, construction, police, ...).


No, but Brickset now provides the facility to enable one to be made. See http://brickset.com/article/12960/tags-a-new-way-to-search-the-database

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