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None of the existing wedges have such angles as they are based on integer numbers for the sides. The closest angle you'll find is probably the 2x4 one: But even that one is about 3° off (63,43° if I remember enough math), so if you place the 2-length sides of 6 of them on a nice hexagonal shape, there will be noticable gaps at the corners. In short, if ...


This website generates a sphere in LDraw format: Here's a link if you want to learn how it can be done: (there are other ways too)


These are 3 different versions one the same shape / function that fit over axle. The right one is the oldest from the 80 The left one came next The middle one came after that. To make it more confusing, lego is now back producing the right shape again What I can remember had the original one a lot of clutch power and was hard to be removed. Personal I ...


Here is my less popular but earlier Spheroid Generator It let's you generate simple sphereres or ellipsoids as well as parabolic "tent" shapes. The principle is to divide space into 1x1 brick or plate cells, and any cell that falls mostly within an ideal geometric shape becomes a brick (or plate). Output is LDRAW ...


I have done it see this video. I have updated the spreadsheet so that it can give you a visual indication of the cross-section at each layer (in quarters) and uploaded it onto Google drive for public access

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