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Generally, I see LEGO collections like this sold by the pound. I don't generally pay more than $8/lb (including shipping, if applicable) on large used lots, because they are rarely 100% clean, like-new condition LEGO bricks. Most collections include poor quality pieces, as well as many non-LEGO brand and non-LEGO-compatible toys that have somehow been ...


First of all, if you are serious about this business, go to an IP lawyer who can take this up for you and give you a much more confident answer than the bunch of us LEGO fans can :) Second, isn't it funny that all links I try to get to LEGO's FUP result in a 503 Service not available error? Third, you might want to read the perspective in this thread on ...


Doing this for Pick-a-brick (which sports an antiquated UI) requires some fairly advanced hacking. See this question. It's unfortunate that there is no simple interface for importing composite sets of bricks.

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