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I'm not sure why you say "are nowhere to be found around here" - perhaps you mean Brick & Mortar stores? Both these Bionicle sets are available from the Norwegian site:


The closest I could find is a forum thread where a member called "slow 2.0" writes that (s)he has two of these and might be willing to sell one of them. The catch is the thread is from 2010 and the user hasn't been active in the forum since 2014.


Your question is answerable with a yes or no, so I'm going to have to say no. The main reasons something like this doesn't really exist are likely as follows: As with some sets in LEGO, the prices for (say, Halo) are subjective and diasagreed upon. MegaBloks is fairly new, compared to LEGO, which is why you also don't see a pick-a-brick for KREO, ...

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