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If the ultrasonic cannot echo-locate the objects because they're too small, even with the sensor suspended very close to the floor, I suggest using a very sensitive feeler out front. It can be sticking forward like a jousting lance, and your robot can swivel back & forth while traveling to scan. The trick to making it very sensitive is to: (1) make it ...


Is that the whole error message or are there more lines to it? You could always try copying and pasting your project pieces into a new project, hoping that the project file itself got corrupted in some way. It also might be possible that some of your custom blocks have errors in them. If none of these work for you, then try to isolate the source of the ...


You need to purchase the EV3 Education version of the software. It includes the EV3 Education version firmware. EV3 Education Software (single user licence) EV3 Software v1.1 Update (includes v1.06E firmware update)

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