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Just to close the circle (and not just hide this info in the comments), I don't have high hopes this will ever work satisfactorily. At least without not a fair amount of hacking. As per WineHQ, USB support in Wine is weak at best, and so BricxCC via Wine is probably a non-starter, as well, for the same reason. You might have better luck with a COM port ...


I'm going to assume this is a Bluetooth connectivity issue because connecting the cable is trivial, and I've found connecting with Bluetooth quite tricky. This may not be the only way, however it has worked for me. The main issue is that you first need to "pair" the EV3 with your computer. Setup (you have Bluetooth, and it is turned on): Make sure the ...


Try this: NXT-G 1.1 -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/ve0p528do3ap2qd/LEGO_MINDSTORMS_NXT_v1.1.iso NXT-G 2.0 -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/00byev4ayhh2ius/LEGO_MINDSTORMS_NXT_v2.0.iso


I use EV3 with El Capitan. No issues, though I bought a WiFi dongle as Bluetooth experiences with prior NXT really wasted so much of my time.

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