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I just got a new macbook and running el capitan. I downloaded the new silverlight plugin and then the lego mindstorm software and I got an error message. Any ideas?


You can use Brickify for that. You just upload an STL file and it is converted to LEGO bricks. You don't need the 3D printing part and can go ahead to download the building instructions.


I had the same error message as Stefan on opening. I fixed the problem by installing Silverlight 5.1.41212.0. I'm running: El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E27e) (beta) Late 2015 Retina iMac i7 4GHz So providing you've got the correct version of Silverlight installed, you should be able to run it.


EV3-G supports single dimensional arrays only. You could write one array that is m times n in length where m is the number of rows, and n is the number of columns. The correct row of the single dimensional array would be (col-1)*n+row. You would have to write a myBlock to convert 2D index values to 1D index values and vice versa. However, doing matrix ...


This application does seem to be pushing the limits of the official software provided by LEGO. If you are interested in C/C++ (or any other programming language), check out I like to say that ev3dev is not firmware since it runs from a microSD card and is not loaded into the flash memory on the EV3. Nevertheless, it is an alternate ...

2 You have to be logged in with your credentials, then click the download button.


I know this is 3 and a half years late, but I figured I'd throw in my two cents. Attach an NXT light sensor and an RCX light sensor facing into each other. You can communicate bi-directionally by flashing the built-in LEDs. On the RCX side, this can be accomplished by switching the sensor mode between touch sensor and light sensor to passivate or ...

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