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The short answer is no, this does not make your set more valuable. You have recieved a set that contains what Bricklink calls an "Alternate Item". These are alternate pieces/stickers/colors/etc. that are packaged into normal sets by LEGO in order to ship out the sets in the event of a part shortage. They are perfectly normal. And, usually, they are more ...


So the box says 49 inches long, the official description says "under 50 inches long". I just measured the width (about 13.25 inches) and height (about 9.5 inches) on my assembled set. So a rough minimum inner size box would be 50"L x 13.5"W x 10"H.


For sets currently available through LEGO.com or other online retailers, the cheaper sets may be authentic, but part of a scam known as drop shipping. This type of scam works like this: You order a remarkably cheap, new LEGO set from eBay or the like. The seller uses your contact information and a stolen credit card to purchase a set directly from an ...

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