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According to data collected from Brickset, the total MSRP of all Star Wars sets to date is $18,933.76 USD. This includes a total of 508 sets. I simply used the CSV export feature on Brickset to put this together. Here's the raw data if you'd like to explore it further:


The stands you see aren't actually part of the set. They're there to make it easier to photograph the minifigs, and get photoshopped out in the final version of the set pictures.


This is not a LEGO part. It's closest LEGO cousin would be 3149: 3149-like hinges don't have a 2x2 version to the best of my knowledge. In addition, the part in the picture appears to be 12 ldu (1.5 plates) thick. This leads me to believe that it is actually a Tyco part. Also, it looks like this has already been discussed on Eurobricks where the same ...


The parts are from the 8016 LEGO Star Wars Hyena Droid Bomber from 2009.


It's hard to be certain without some more pictures or information to narrow down when these minifigs were produced, but it sounds like what you have are some of the older Snowtroopers with the helmet and backpack attached in a single piece. Based on that assumption and the details you provided, I think you are looking at authentic Lego, with the possible ...


For a guy who's 20 you can ignore the age limits. Lego used to label set with "N..99" age limits but these days that sort of humour is less appreciated. It's still true, though. I suggest focus more on what he's interested in, and what you think he'd enjoy building. Within the Lego Star Wars range there are quite a lot of options. If he's mostly into ...


These pieces are indeed Star Wars related, they are from 7957 - Sith Nightspeeder from 2011.


You could use the Chima sword: Perhaps with the gun/torch as a handle:


I'm assuming you are referring to LEGO set 70548. I don't have this set, but checking the instructions online, I think this is what you want to know: The black hair piece is optional. You can make your minifig wear the helmet or the hair piece, but not both at the same time. The pilot fits inside the model, as can be seen on picture #31 of the first ...


The ones from the original 6 movies and that should have been made: - Naboo queen silver cruiser from episode 1 (with queen handmaid fig(s)!) - Clone quadrans (if I'm naming them correctly) from episode 2 (the guns taking down a Trade Federation ship) - Rebel transport shuttle from episode 5 (escaping Hoth) and 6 - Rebel medical frigate from episode 5 and 6 -...


The only information available as of today is the set number. It is #75159. No other rumors or leaked info is available. The speculation is that it will likely be based on the new movie, but even this is simply a speculation, not even a rumor.


The closest I could find is a forum thread where a member called "slow 2.0" writes that (s)he has two of these and might be willing to sell one of them. The catch is the thread is from 2010 and the user hasn't been active in the forum since 2014.


Can I suggest you also other ways like selling your sets on or promoting your selling on big Lego forums like

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