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There is a website, http://rebrickable.com/, that lets you enter the sets you have, and it compares the inventories to other sets to determine which other official sets you can build with those pieces. It also includes unofficial MOCs that other builders have submitted, and it will substitute other part colors if you choose. For example, just entering the ...


One of my friends who had a similar issue with the LEGO Millennium Falcon (10179) beastie, got a custom coffee table built for it, it has a toughened glass top, and glass side panels, to show off it's true beauty (I believe the next step is to hook it up with some strip LED lighting too). I don't know how feasible that would be for the SSD, I don't know the ...


However, if you're looking for an official alternate/combiner build, then no. Star Wars isn't very big on combiner or alternate models, although the early, 1999 sets include inspirational photos. Over the years, Star Wars combiners/alternates have been released via LEGO Club or LEGO Build Together, but unfortunately none of your sets have an ...


In general, legos can be un-yellowed by soaking in a combination of hydrogen peroxide, oxyclean powder (or sodium percarbonate), under sunlight or UV light. Or use Retr0Bright. Certain colors of painted decorations (such as gold) will not hold up well to the cleaning, but plain pieces and some colors do hold up well.


I just found this website: http://www.lego.com/en-us/starwars/games/web-games/advent-calendar it has special stuff each day, the place you enter the code is the image of jango fett in the bottom middle.


You can use a tv holder to attach it to the wall or ceiling. 3 kg should be no problem. If this would be like a movable arm you could easily set views from any perspective. EDIT I mean something like this or this one The latter can carry up to 17.5 lbs which is 8 kilograms.

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