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The four codes are as follows: December 01: Y15C05 December 08: Y30C03 December 15: Y73C14 December 22: Y12C34


The SSD auction will be a scam and the minifigs are indeed knock-offs of which eBay is awash.


Your friend can get Queen Amidala at several shops based in Europe. Here are all the listings with the country of the shop: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogPG.asp?M=sw387. It might be also worth checking the eBay listings specific for their country. As far as Mario, LEGO never made an official one, however this UK based store does carry some: ...


Yes, that sounds like the genuine article - LEGO was unable to chrome each part separately, so there are bare spots where you describe. Only the customs will have been made up of individually chromed parts.


In general, legos can be un-yellowed by soaking in a combination of hydrogen peroxide, oxyclean powder (or sodium percarbonate), under sunlight or UV light. Or use Retr0Bright. Certain colors of painted decorations (such as gold) will not hold up well to the cleaning, but plain pieces and some colors do hold up well.


It depends of the set's inventory parts, I mean pieces. For example, the Hoth Rebel Base from 2007 was only available in stores for 5 months, and if you look at it, it's an amazing set (I have it) So, it depends, and as Joubarc said, there is not a rule for that.


Don't worry my friend, those "unchromed" spots are because of the regular use of that minifigure.


Day 1 is y15c05 Day 8 is y30c03


I just found this website: http://www.lego.com/en-us/starwars/games/web-games/advent-calendar it has special stuff each day, the place you enter the code is the image of jango fett in the bottom middle.


By "the build instructions" you mean how to assemble the day one model? It's right there on the flap. I doubt there's anything more to be had.

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