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The parts are from the 8016 LEGO Star Wars Hyena Droid Bomber from 2009.


The short answer is no, this does not make your set more valuable. You have recieved a set that contains what Bricklink calls an "Alternate Item". These are alternate pieces/stickers/colors/etc. that are packaged into normal sets by LEGO in order to ship out the sets in the event of a part shortage. They are perfectly normal. And, usually, they are more ...


For a guy who's 20 you can ignore the age limits. Lego used to label set with "N..99" age limits but these days that sort of humour is less appreciated. It's still true, though. I suggest focus more on what he's interested in, and what you think he'd enjoy building. Within the Lego Star Wars range there are quite a lot of options. If he's mostly into ...


So the box says 49 inches long, the official description says "under 50 inches long". I just measured the width (about 13.25 inches) and height (about 9.5 inches) on my assembled set. So a rough minimum inner size box would be 50"L x 13.5"W x 10"H.


Can I suggest you also other ways like selling your sets on http://oldlego.com or promoting your selling on big Lego forums like http://eurobricks.com

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