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The most common I've seen is rack and pinion: Essentially you have two parallel beams with one fixed to the car's chassis. The other bar moves horizontally which changes the direction of the wheels. Attach some gears and you can hook it up to a steering wheel. The steering technique has been used in the Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck (5590) set. The ...


It's difficult, but not impossible. A rigid axle turning at the centre would be mechanically simpler. As my crude drawing illustrates; I would place a 24-tooth gear over the 2x4 wheel axle. A 8-tooth gear is optional but will provide finer control over the steering. The two teeth gears can also be replaced with a pulley gear. This technique however will ...


I was able to find a few elements that are able to make this connection possible. I'm guessing the designer used some type of bar-sized element which is made from a different material that is able to compress slightly more than regular ABS. For example, the softer plastic used on some minifig weapons seems to work nicely: Another option could be flexible ...


Here is a possible implementation using this exact part: Video . There are also several other solutions with different pieces if you need more inspiration or explanation: Animated GIF, 4 wheel steering, Top-down view.

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