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Would this solve your problem? Depending on the direction of the input, only one axle will turn.


You can switch 4 pairs of gears on each end of the crawler (2 pairs in the portal hubs and another 2 pairs inside the gearbox infront of the motor) do this on both ends or you run the risk of broken gears or premature motor wear. I ran 12 tooth gears all the way from the motor to my hubs for a dramatic increase in speed however the torque suffered severely, ...


This can definitely be accomplished, although it will be difficult to create a differential as small as the dedicated piece that you mentioned. Some builders create their own differentials for use in larger models because of the inherent torque limits and slippage that the traditional differential and single bevel gears introduce. Here's one example ...


The delicate problem in a brick-built differential is to create the frame. It must have a gear to drive the differential and this gear must let the axle rotate freely. Without parts modification, the only possibility is to use a turntable, either the big one or the small one. Anyway, the solution is bulky and not economical (the differential parts are ...

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