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As you've seen, the LEGO Friends sets are the latest theme aimed at girls, and are the only ones currently in production. Other themes have included: Elves (2015 - ) - Uses Minidolls similar to the Friends sets and continues the pastel colour themes. Disney Princess (2014 - ) - A LEGO System theme based on the Disney Princess license. Belville (1994 - ...


First, LEGO did at some point reissue some sets (the "legends" series), but then stopped doing so, and it's likely they found out it was not really that interesting to do. The reasons why would be pure speculation, but at the very least building techniques and available parts do evolve in a way that older sets wouldn't be able to compete with recent ones. ...


Brickipedia (A.K.A. lego.wikia.com) list unreleased sets and themes in the form of an article and category of articles. It does mention CYBOTS and Europa in addition to Seatron, although there is no guarantee that the list is complete. CYBOTS Contained action figures using both System and the first TECHNIC ball joint parts. Several prototype models ...


BrickSet lists 6990 under the Futuron space sub-theme and 6991 in the Unitron space sub-themes. There was also a Monorail sub-theme of City.


No, but Brickset now provides the facility to enable one to be made. See http://brickset.com/article/12960/tags-a-new-way-to-search-the-database


From 2002-05, LEGO sold Spider-Man themed sets under license from Marvel Entertainment in conjunction with the release of the first two Spider-Man movies. These are commonly known as the Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2 themes. This license was apparently only for Spider-Man and characters in the films and not for other Marvel superheroes. In October 2004, ...


In the blog of Tom Aplhin he mentions regarding Microscale Steve Oakes, a long-time LEGO builder in Seattle area started a tradition 4 years ago to re-create the BrickCon Public Convention at a smaller scale. His display is called “Micro BrickCon”(Note: The conversation between Tom and myself was in a loud room with lots of activity. He is correct about ...


I think the original Alpha Team sets are the one's you're looking for, including the LEGO Alpha Team Secret Mission Collectors Pack which includes: [bs:6771] with Ogel [bs:6773] with Dash [bs:6774] with Cam and Flex There are also: [bs:6772] with Radia [bs:6775] with Charge, Crunch and Tee Vee (a robot) [bs:6776] with Ogel and two minion commanders.


While there is no explicit "house" tag, I would recommend browsing in Brickset's City theme: http://brickset.com/sets/theme-City You can refine the search based on year (include only recent, therefore easy to buy sets), tags (building, shop, ...) and subtheme (airport, construction, police, ...).

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