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There was a link floating around the usual sites a few years back that suggested that you could use a paste made with oxygen bleach and a few hours in the sun to whiten yellowed pieces of old LEGO.


I've tried and tested cleaning techniques for different levels of dirt/discoloration. For dusty and grimny bricks: wash bricks using a non-soap cleaner, use a soft bristle brush to reach stud edges. If bricks are discolored, follow the steps in the link below. It does work but care is needed so as not to let the bricks return to its discolored state. ...


This answer will only work if there's enough of the notch in the size 2 axle available. Use a piece of strong string (like dental floss), and tie a small slipknot in one end. Using some other tool, such as a bent paperclip, push the lasso into the brick's hole down to the notch. Using that tool, keep pressure on the knot area while you pull the slipknot ...

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