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I just built the bridge yesterday. I didn't have all the parts so had to be creative at some points. I'll improve some joints once I picked up more of my Lego at my dads' place. Very funny project! Pictures:


I've taken apart, and rebuilt, my layout a few times and come to the following conclusion. It seems that the locomotive is extremely sensitive to any curve or gap in the tracks. The front wheels are attached via a technic pin, and essentially float under the front of the boiler, but the pin only really allows for lateral movement and not vertical. Thus, when ...


According to Brickset there are 8-8 straight track pieces in both of these sets: 7896 7499 This seems to be the maximum amount, even the large complete train sets do not contain more than 8 straight tracks. You might have more luck purchasing them piece by piece from other AFOLs, or see if there is a Pick-a-brick shop in your area.

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