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Compartmentalise I wouldn't recommend transporting anything larger than a 32x32 stud baseplate. Use Technic pins and 1x2 bricks to connect parts of your model in the same way as the Modular Sets have done. The technique works well for buildings, planes, boats and just about any kind of large model. Transport Remove as many small parts likely to fall off ...


When I moved house, I just sealed the gaps in a bunch of packing boxes with duct/packing tape, and put the storage bins in there - that way if anything did escape from the bins it wasn't going to get lost from the box. I would say though that in general my collection wasn't organised in anyway, although there were a few built sets that survived fairly well. ...


Modularize, modularize, modularize! If you are putting models in a train show or similar, think about building large models so that they can conveniently be broken down into modules of no larger than 32x32 studs.


The two solutions I've seen are to measure the size you want and visit places that sell a variety of storage bins so you can find one the right size. In Australia we have a variety of bins about the size of a milk crate or beer crate (about 12" by 9", from back in the day when those units were relevant). The modern plastic equivalents with solid walls and ...


No personal experience, but one vendor I've seen a couple years now at Brick Fiesta just ships boxes full, roughly U-Haul medium sized. He has some cardboard 'trays', but I'm pretty sure they are not structurally useful. He also had stuff bagged up into various types and some level of sorting, but that's not really important to shipping either. Of course, ...


You can use "Saran" wrap to gently wrap some models. It keeps the parts from falling to the wayside, but doesn't neccesarily keep the models intact during transit. Even if you box it up as well, there is always a good chance you'll need to touch up any thing you build then move.

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