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The most common I've seen is rack and pinion: Essentially you have two parallel beams with one fixed to the car's chassis. The other bar moves horizontally which changes the direction of the wheels. Attach some gears and you can hook it up to a steering wheel. The steering technique has been used in the Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck (5590) set. The ...


: 3787 — Car Mudguard 2 x 4 without Studs : 4211 — Car Base 4 x 5 : 4732 — Bracket 8 x 2 x 1 1/3 In the link for each piece, you'll find actual sets containing them, from which you can find set instructions. In particular, the two mudguard ones need to be one plate apart from regular wheel sets.


If i remember right, the tires of the small LEGO City wheels fit perfectly on a Technic 1/2 bush which then gives you an axle hole, but note that this is very flat on the ground. I don't know if its high enough to add a very small gear and build up the connection to your motor.


There are a number of pull-back motors for system wheels. Look through the Motor, non-electric section of bricklink. There is even one rechargeable electric motor. There was also an all-rubber tire with an axle hole in some of the old space sets, though that may have a rounder shape than you're looking for.


It's difficult, but not impossible. A rigid axle turning at the centre would be mechanically simpler. As my crude drawing illustrates; I would place a 24-tooth gear over the 2x4 wheel axle. A 8-tooth gear is optional but will provide finer control over the steering. The two teeth gears can also be replaced with a pulley gear. This technique however will ...


Funny that you are asking because I just rebuilt my old 4x4 OffRoader (8466) with my son. it's a 4 wheels drive, V8 with a functional 5 speed gearbox (including reverse). and in the truck (with the gearbox cover): Looking at it in action is really good to understand the basics of a car's transmission.


there are some lego-models that have a working gearbox built-in like the super street sensation (8448). just take a loot at the building instruction* to see how it works. *page 18, 26, 72-81


This set is 6848 Strategic Pursuer. Instruction scans are available on Peeron.


Ever since this question was asked I wanted to build something that would fit that scale. Here's the result: I know this is not using only LEGO pieces but, I thought that there was no way to make the LEGO motors fit 'inside' a normal looking LEGO City vehicle. So, this is basically a homemade motorized brick made of a 2x2 brick glued to the 2x2 ...


Most vehicles in modern city sets use wheels with ∅20×12 mm tires. Such tire can be put on 12 tooth double bevel gear or combination of narrower ∅11×8 mm wheel and 12 tooth bevel gear to connect with axle. The only problem I see with this solution is that tires are swollen a bit by gear so they are not freely turned when covered with mudguard with arch.


Assuming that you're asking about the engine in particular, it seems to be a large number of pneumatic engines that have been coupled together in order to supply the required torque. LEGO pneumatic engines typically consist of a pneumatic cylinder driving a crankshaft. Here's a basic picture to give you an idea: The shaft usually also controls a pneumatic ...


Wheel 30.4 x 14 VR with the tire is ~3 cm (the 30.4 and 14 is mm). It also looks good for sports cars.


You may want to have a look at some official LEGO sets of that scal to check what LEGO has been using. For example, 2556-1 — SHELL Promotional Set F1 Ferrari seems to be about that length and uses 49mm diameter wheels and tires. A similar wheel can be found in more recent sets, such as 8041 — Race Truck, which may be cheaper. You can also look in the ...


Gev already answered the question about availability. LEGO Ideas sets are produced in small quantities. Perhaps this will change in the future as LEGO Ideas is now out of beta testing and was brought in-house by LEGO. The Curiosity is not going to be back unfortunately. I just called LEGO about this a couple of days ago. As far as the Curiosity inventory, ...


I don't recall an official statement, but one story I read said that they made a deal with the original designer to limit production to one run, but that seems almost apocryphal. As for buying the pieces you need, I would think you'd have better luck on Bricklink. It's possible that the PaB on S@H might have all the pieces necessary, but that seems truly ...


Assaf, please note that this is not part of LEGO's website. StackExchange doesn't sell LEGO sets. In regards to your question, you are right; the #10187 LEGO Volkswagen Beetle is no longer available directly from LEGO. It was a set that was released back in 2008. LEGO usually keeps sets on the market for a couple of years, sometimes a bit longer if they are ...

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