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It's a "Vehicle, Tipper End Flat with Pins". It was used in trains (but not only trains) a long time ago (1969-1982), and I actually have a couple from a train I owned as a kid.


Those would be Waffle Bottoms, which seem to have been mostly phased out by 1969, except for the 4x8 plate that went until 1971. Having not read any deep history on old LEGO designs, I'm going with that was just what they went with to start, then realized that the tubes were much better.


I just built the bridge yesterday. I didn't have all the parts so had to be creative at some points. I'll improve some joints once I picked up more of my Lego at my dads' place. Very funny project! Pictures:


The set(s) in question are likely two versions of set 1210 Small Store, released in 1955, or 210 Small Store, sold in 1958. They were available in a number of languages and with a variety of store names. "Tabak" means Tobacco in both Dutch and German. The Dutch word for bakery, however, is "bakkerij", while in German it is "Bäckerei". "Bakerei" is only used ...


They're part of the 1972 train-sets 130, 171, 180, 181 and 724 (picture is set 130) Yellow version is part of the 1979 technic-set 856.


BrickLink or eBay. You could get significantly more if you go through the lot and separate out full sets then sell them on BrickLink. But if you don't have the time at least take a lot of really good pictures - in this case an eBay auction would be the better choice.


ATC is the Asahi Toy Company from Japan. Here are the pages from their 1971 catalog showing some of their construction sets:


I have two red ones which I got in a lot of Vintage LEGO, since there were many parts of vintage train stuff in the same lot like the blue train tracks, my guess is that they are parts to the train lego, I could imagine that they were suppose to be parts making up a tipping container...

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