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Lego's education catalog implies that the WeDo software is required for the hub to work. It states: The two-port hub controls motors and sensors, transmits power and data to and from the computer, and is automatically detected by the WeDo™ Software when connected to the computer. I found some info regarding WeDo software, the manual has this to ...


I believe this is the current location for the Lion Patch In the interests of finding it again when the LEGO group change their site again: Visit the LEGO Education page. Navigate to "Pre-school and School" -> Secondary -> 11+ LEGO MINDSTORMS Education -> Downloads (or similar) I then filtered the list to just the Download Type of "Software Update / ...


You can use WeDo with MIT Scratch 1.4 according to http://info.scratch.mit.edu/WeDo, and Scratch runs on Linux- and this thread https://lists.launchpad.net/scratch/msg00269.html indicates that the Linux Scratch does work with WeDo.

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