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Lego's education catalog implies that the WeDo software is required for the hub to work. It states: The two-port hub controls motors and sensors, transmits power and data to and from the computer, and is automatically detected by the WeDo™ Software when connected to the computer. I found some info regarding WeDo software, the manual has this to ...


I believe this is the current location for the Lion Patch In the interests of finding it again when the LEGO group change their site again: Visit the LEGO Education page. Navigate to "Pre-school and School" -> Secondary -> 11+ LEGO MINDSTORMS Education -> Downloads (or similar) I then filtered the list to just the Download Type of "Software Update / ...


You can use WeDo with MIT Scratch 1.4 according to http://info.scratch.mit.edu/WeDo, and Scratch runs on Linux- and this thread https://lists.launchpad.net/scratch/msg00269.html indicates that the Linux Scratch does work with WeDo.


I've just discover that the WEDO USB Hub just send to the motors 5V instead of 9V, so that's stopping me for doing a lot of stuff. Does anybody know how to add a separate source power and only send and read data from the USB Hub?

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