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Questions about the skillful and artistic planning of LEGO structures.
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Questions about discontinued pieces, sets, colors, or themes.
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designed for young children aged 1½ to 5 years. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height and width of traditional Lego System bricks.
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Anything that relates to the LEGO bricks capacity of withstanding wear and tear or decay.
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specifically designed to follow a school's curriculum and are sold almost exclusively to the education sector.
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the current generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS, released in 2013.
A Debian Linux distribution that runs on LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. Visit http://www.ev3dev.org for more information.
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a graphical programming environment that comes bundled with the EV3 Retail edition.
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a global programme for 9-16 year olds designed to get them interested in science and technology.
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a theme that tailors the iconic LEGO construction experience especially to girls ages five and up.
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commonly found in Technic sets.
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A way to join LEGO parts permanently, so they can't be separated ever again. Which is as horrible as it sounds.
refers to robotic-styled action figure LEGO toy line which replaced the similar Bionicle theme. Tag can refer to the toys or the play setting, including related characters and cartoon videos.
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A line of dungeon crawl style board games produced by the LEGO company.
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Questions that relate to the history of The LEGO Group and it's products.
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a platform for fans to submit set ideas with the ultimate aim of having them made into official sets.
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Trying to identify a LEGO element or set that you possess or have seen somewhere? Provide as much information as possible and someone's bound to know.
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Instruction Manuals - use them once to build a model, or store them for future reference? Perhaps you want to create your own? However we can't really field individual manual requests
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Apple's operating system designed for mobile devices including the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
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developed and published by The LEGO Group.
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Questions about the freeware LDraw 3D design program.
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Focusing on a series of playable games of different types, all of which use Lego bricks, and use the Lego concept of building to encourage players to change adapt the rules of the games.
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Questions relating to the LEGO Group specifically, rather than about bricks, building techniques, etc.
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Questions regarding LEGO retail outlets owned by The LEGO Company and the LEGO Online store.