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A Java Virtual Machine that can run on Mindstorms intelligent bricks.
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The Lord of The Rings
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LEGO User Group bulk purchase.
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The technique of disassembling two or more parts from one another.
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Questions about the industrial manufacturing process of brick toys or related materials.
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Building at a much smaller than standard minifigure scale. Official sets at micro-scale are often labelled "mini".
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General Mindstorms questions and compatibility. If the question refers specifically to the EV3, NXT, or RCX, then use those tags instead.
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The iconic LEGO® character. They have pose-able heads, arms, hands and legs. Many accessories are available including hair, hats, back-packs, tools and weapons
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In the LEGO communuity MOC stands for 'My Own Creation'.
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a model based?
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Series of minifigure scale buildings designed for ages 16 and over.
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Motors can be used with various Mindstorms and Power Functions sets to add movement.
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a high-level programming language for the Lego Mindstorms NXT.
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A programmable robotics brick released by the LEGO company in late July 2006 and uses Technic connectors. This was preceded by the original RCX brick, and succeeded by the EV3 brick.
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a graphical programming environment that comes bundled with the NXT.
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Is it more efficient to colour code your LEGO bricks or sort them by shape? What are the best combinations of elements if you've not got enough boxes for each type?
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Questions about the labeling, packaging, and processing of building sets
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