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Any type of components or tools not directly endorsed by LEGO or it's affiliates.
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Questions about LEGO advent calendars.
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An acronym for "Adult Fans Of Lego".
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A proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. Used by the NXT for communication between the programmable brick and a PC or Mobile device.
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an e-commerce site that allows registered users to buy/sell/auction parts, sets, and other LEGO related items.
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Interested in building techniques? Then this is the tag for you.
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2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
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LEGO City groups a number of sub-themes into one: Construction, Fire, Police, Space Centre, Trains and Transportation all combine with general city life.
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What's the best way to clean your bricks? What's the best way to care for them? These sorts of questions and more should be tagged with this tag.
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compatible with LEGO bricks.
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Collectable Minifigures (branded as Lego Minifigures) are minfigures sold randomly in polybags in series.
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Questions about colour correctness, colour similarities and how to best use certain colours.
the official command app from LEGO Mindstorms for Android and iOS. It allows you to remotely control the EV3 Brick via Bluetooth, and includes pre-built controllers for the included…
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Questions about the inter-compatibility of different brick sets, or between bricks and some other objects.
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Questions concerning the modification or customization of Lego parts.
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Questions about the skillful and artistic planning of LEGO structures.