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I'm a geek.

Mostly, I program C# stuff, everything from XNA, Silverlight, and Windows 8 metro-style applications to ASP.NET, services, and WinForms. I've got a lot of .NET specific stuff under my belt, like WCF, WPF, and the like, but I also do a lot with Databases (all the way down to RDBMS theory), and algorithms.

comment Which was the first set / minifig with two faces to choose from?
+1, but I'm going to say (arbitrarily perhaps) that Quirrell / Voldemort doesn't count, because it's not two different faces / emotions of the same person, it's a head that actually has two faces (canonically even). I'll update my question to make this more clear.
comment How do I unlock the sunday surprise on the 2013 Star Wars Advent Calendar?
This question is a little ambiguous, there's almost 2 questions being asked here, 1) how do I get the instructions, 2) how do I use the code. I believe the OP thinks that they're the same question. The gev answer below is the simple answer to the question #1, question #2 is what the duplicate says it is. I'm going to edit the question to make it actually the question I have, and the duplicate question has, namely #1