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comment How to make custom LEGO signs, newspapers, etc.
Your question is vague. Are you having difficulty with inspiration, artwork, printing or something else? What do you want "LEGO clipart backgrounds" for, and what do you think they are?
comment Easy way to get the weight of a Bricklink order
Remember to allow for packaging materials; 30% of the weight is a rule-of-thumb some people use.
comment Factories that could make off-patent bricks?
The dollar value limit on member participation in LUGBulk will limit 2x4s to about 2500 per annum; this is nowhere near the quantity the poster is pursuing.
comment Are the molds for LEGO bricks maintained in house or is maintanance partly outsourced?
On a business level, my observation is that if something is critical to a business then it's difficult to create a sufficiently explicit and flexible outsourcing contract that also makes it cheaper than doing it in-house. If LEGO needs mold X rebuilt urgently, would their contract allow for that? In house they could just ask the employees to work overtime, and failing that get management to do it.